Resolve issues faster with visual bug reports

A Notion integrated bug tracking tool that takes just 2 lines of code!

Reporting bugs should not be rocket science. Bist makes your users able to directly send feedback with annotated screenshots and metadata of their browser. With Bist you can work on what really matters, features!

A picture is worth a thousand words

Bist is created so every creator has a lightweight and accessible way to collect user feedback. Reduce your time collecting and managing feedback and bug reports from users. Let Bist do all the hard work!
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Sync with Notion
The Notion API makes it able to directly publish bug reports to your Notion database.
Screenshot the website
Capture the users viewport to get a visual representation of what the user was doing.
Annotate screenshots
Adding shapes, text, arrows and drawings makes it even more clear what your users are breaking.
2 lines of code
The idealogy of Bist is to keep it as simple as possible to start tracking bug reports.

I hear you asking, how?

Get up and running in just 5 easy steps!

Login using only your email address

Login using only your email address

Authorize your Notion workspace

Authorize your Notion workspace

Create a Bist database on your Notion page

Create a Bist database on your Notion page

Choose a theme you like

Choose a theme you like

Add Bist to your website

Add the Bist script to your HTML and position the button element anywhere you like to start tracking Bugs using Bist!
<script src=""></script>
>report bug</button>

Integrate seamlessly with your Workflow

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